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Forest Certification: Verifying Sustainable Management (2000)
Les Critères de Bâle pour une culture du soja responsable
Die Basler Kriterien für einen verantwortungsbewussten Soja-Anbau
The Forest Certification Handbook - 2nd Edition
Getting Small Forest Enterprises into Certification: How standards constrain the certification of small forest enterprises (2002)
Os Critérios Basel para a Produção Responsável de Soja
Assessing Forest Certification Schemes: A Practical Guide
A Sourcebook for Landscape Analysis of High Conservation Value Forests
The Sustainable Forestry Handbook - 2nd Edition
Criterios de Basilea para una producción responsable de soja (soya)
Group Certification for Forests: the Model Documents
The BASEL Criteria for Responsible Soy Production: Local interpretation for use in Brazil
Forest Certification: A Review of Impacts and Assessment Frameworks
Os Critérios Basel para a Produção Responsável de Soja: Interpretação local para uso no Brasil
An Analysis of Current FSC Accreditation, Certification and Standard-Setting Procedures Identifying Elements Which Cause Constraints For Small Forest Owners
Certificação em grupo: um guia prático
Modular Implementation and Verification (MIV): a toolkit for the phased application of forest management standards and certification
Feeding the Market: South American Farmers, Trade and Globalization
Contractors and Certification: How does Forest Certification Impact the Use of Contractors
An analysis of the barriers faced by small-scale farmers and communities producing timber outside a conventional forest matrix, and recommendations for progress: Final Report
Palm Oil, Forests & Sustainability
Technologies for Wood Tracking: Verifying and Monitoring the chain of Custody and Legal Compliance in the Timber Industry
Group Certification for Forests: A Practical Guide
Defining sustainability in oil palm production: An analysis of existing sustainable agriculture & oil palm initiatives
The Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy Production
Involving Harvesting Contractors in Forest Certification
Developing a mechanism for palm oil traceability from plantation to end user: A background review of supply chain traceability options
Developing a mechanism for palm oil traceability from plantation to end user: Discussion paper for RT3
Forest Governance and Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)
Estimating the cost of building capacity in rainforest nations to allow them to participate in a global REDD mechanism
Reduced Emissions and Forest Degradation: Lessons from a Forest Governance
FSC briefing notes and case studies for smallholders and community forestry operations
Material de apoyo de certificación para pequeñas operaciones forestales, de baja intensidad y comunitarias
Beyond Timber: Certification and Management of Non-Timber Forest Products
Guidance on effective ways to work with Chinese officials and suppliers
Guide pratique pour assurer une collaboration efficace avec les officiels du gouvernement Chinois et le secteur privé Chinois
Leitlinie fuer den wirkungsvollen professionellen Umgang mit chinesischen Behoerdenvertretern und Lieferanten der Holzindustrie
The EU Due Diligence Regulation and UK Producers
Meeting the RSPO certification requirements for the management and monitoring of biodiversity and High Conservation Values
FSC guide for biodiversity management in small and low intensity forests
Proforest: sustainability in action
A brochure about 10 years Proforest and its ambitions.
Mapping and Understanding the UK palm oil supply chain information leaflet
Accelerating Transfers of Interim Finance for REDD+: Options for Early Market Involvement
Accelerating Transfers of Interim Finance for REDD+: Building Absorptive Capacity
REDD+ co-benefits and the HCV concept
Agricultural production models and methods for UK biofuels
EU timber regulation briefing note
An overview of legality verification systems
Madera bajo licencia FLEGT y políticas de compra pública de estados miembros de la UE
FLEGT licensed timber and EU member state procurement policies
Bois légal FLEGT et politiques des marchés publics des etats-membres de l’Union Européenne
Guia de Boas Práticas para Avaliações de Altos Valores para Conservação: Orientações práticas para profissionais e auditores
HCVF for conservation practitioners
Assessment, Management & Monitoring of High Conservation Values: A practical guide for forest managers
Good practice guidelines for High Conservation Value assessments: A practical guide for practitioners and auditors
High Conservation Value Forest toolkit
The first comprehensive practical guidance on identifying and managing High Conservation Value Forests
EU Timber Regulation Briefing Note (Chinese)
Market requirements for legal and sustainable timber
Review of timber legality verification schemes
Terrestrial carbon: emissions, sequestration and storage in tropical Africa
Review of policy options relating to sustainable palm oil procurement
Mapping and understanding the UK palm oil supply chain
REDD+ SE Standards: Briefing on Complimantarities with other REDD+ Social and Environmental Safeguard Mechanisms
Towards sustainable palm oil: a framework for action
Um Resumo do Status das Florestas em Países Selecionados - Nota Técnica
Our HCV Assessments and Support Services Brochure
Consumer country measures: best practice in facilitating the legal trade in precious woods and lessons learnt
Assessment of Certification and Legality Verification Schemes against the EU Timber Regulation
Guía Genérica para la Identificación de Altos Valores de Conservación
RSPO National interpretation for the Republic of Honduras
Process report of the RSPO National Interpretation for Honduras
Guide générique pour l'identification des Hautes Valeurs de Conservation
RSPO Africa Roadshow briefing notes
Briefing notes introducing sustainable palm oil production, the RSPO, the certification process, High Conservation Values (HCV), and Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
Briefing notes on FLEGT and REDD+
This series of briefing notes aims to show how FLEGT and REDD+ can be linked to provide mutual benefits.
Notes d’information sur FLEGT et REDD+
La série de notes d'information ci-après permet de démontrer les liens existants entre le FLEGT et la REDD+ afin d'en tirer des avantages communs.
Notas informativas sobre FLEGT y REDD+
Esta serie de notas informativas tienen como objetivo mostrarcómo FLEGT y REDD+ se pueden vincular para proporcionar beneficios mutuos.