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Accelerating implementation of responsible sourcing commitments: A Framework for Progress to 2020 and Beyond

Proforest | 2018 | Proforest

Many companies have made commitments to responsible sourcing of agricultural commodities by 2020. However, whilst considerable progress has been made, fewer than 1000 days remain until this deadline, and it is clear that many of these commitments may not be fully met on time.

Proforest’s latest briefing, makes it clear that, as we approach 2020, we need to move beyond policy commitments and supply chain transparency and to focus on implementation transparency. It sets out a framework that aims to make it clear what progress has already been made, what still needs to be done, and what challenges need to be addressed to get full compliance. The framework focuses on reporting volumes which are in different stages in reaching full compliance and the associated challenges that have to be addressed.

Overcoming these challenges will require time and resources, and it is important to maintain momentum up to and beyond 2020.

NB: we have provided two versions of this file: one to read online, another suitable for home printing.