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Helping companies work with smallholders

Smallholders often struggle to comply – and to demonstrate compliance – with requirements of downstream supply chain actors for responsible production practices, due to their limited technical and financial capacities. This can change, however, with access to appropriate technology and data, transforming smallholders’ access to reliable, profitable markets.

There are now many remote sensing datasets that can support better, cheaper and more timely decisions on land use management and conservation planning. But these datasets are often not used by the land users who would benefit most, particularly smallholders, because of a lack of awareness, technical know-how or cost.

Proforest’s Smallholder Risk Assessment and Mapping Tools programme is driving innovation in appropriate, accessible technologies to engage smallholders in improving the environmental outcomes of their farming practices.

What does the programme do?

Established in April 2016, the programme builds on substantial work by the SHARP partnership, in particular, the development of a simplified High Conservation Value (HCV) approach for smallholders and initial steps to develop a Smallholder Risk Assessment Model, SHRAM.

The programme is:

  • Developing further tools to help smallholders map environmentally important areas and High Conservation Values (HCVs).
  • Adapting mobile technology to make maps and risk assessment tools easily and widely accessible.
  • Creating simple tools to help companies assess risks to HCVs on smallholders production landscapes.
  • Raising awareness of smallholder groups, and local organisations that work them, about risk-based approaches to managing environmental impacts.

Implementation and funding partners

Implementation partners include Daemeter, HCV Resource Network (HCVRN), SHARP Partnership, World Resources Institute (WRI) and Blue Raster. 

Funding is provided by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Global Forest Watch Small Grants Fund. In-kind support is provided by the SHARP Partnership, WRI and Procter & Gamble.

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