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Smallholder programmes

Smallholder production of agricultural commodities is an important component of global trade. When done well, it supports the livelihoods of many rural populations without compromising social and environmental sustainability.

But achieving and demonstrating responsible production requires resources or know-how that are typically out of reach for smallholders. As a result, smallholders may be locked out of the supply chains of companies committed to responsible sourcing. 

Proforest has two programmes of work that support smallholders’ access to responsible supply chains for agricultural commodities:

Supporting smallholders through multi-stakeholder initiatives

Through collaboration between multiple stakeholders this programme develops practical, shared approaches by which companies and smallholders can ensure production practices are demonstrably responsible.

Helping companies work with smallholders

The Smallholder Risk Assessment and Mapping Tools Programme is developing innovative, appropriate and accessible technologies. These focus efforts to engage with smallholders on minimising deforestation and other environmental impacts.