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Our programmes create the enabling environment and build the capacity needed for the private sector, working with governments and civil society, to deliver agricultural and forest commodities sustainably at scale.

To do this we:

Why do we deliver programmes? 

Proforest has provided consultancy services to help companies meet their environmental and social commitments – from zero deforestation to protecting workers’ rights – for more than 15 years. But large-scale impact can only be achieved if localised efforts to improve agricultural and forestry practices are supported by wider changes needed to make sustainable practices the norm.

Our programmes support this broader transformational change. We build the enabling environment and address key barriers to better practices among the private sector, governments and civil society. We foster awareness of the issues, build capacity and promote local leadership of sustainability initiatives. 

Where do we work?

Proforest runs programmes in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, as well as globally. We work to promote inclusion of smallholders in supply chains across the three continents.