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Latin America Responsible Sourcing and Production

Governments and companies in Latin America have made commitments to achieving zero deforestation targets, conserve biodiversity and improve social impacts of forest and agricultural commodity production in the region. Although in some countries legal frameworks are strong, implementation is held back by low awareness of market requirements, and a lack of tools and trained practitioners.

With a team based in Brazil, Colombia and Honduras, Proforest works throughout Latin America in partnership with local and international organisations in a number of sectors. Using our experience in responsible production and sourcing of palm oil, soy, sugar and cattle among others, we help organisations to define sustainability in ways appropriate to their sector. We create innovative tools and provide information to support producers, traders and smallholders, and we facilitate multi-stakeholder processes

What does the programme do?

Working with local and international organisations, the programme’s priorities are to:

  • Provide analysis and tools to build on the support for legal compliance to help meet sustainability commitments in Brazil.
  • Facilitate the alignment of international commitments on eliminating deforestation with Brazilian efforts to implement the law and other domestic voluntary initiatives.
  • Demonstrate how to embed Brazilian Roundtable of Sustainable Livestock indicators into responsible sourcing practices across the cattle supply chain in Brazil.
  • Develop partnerships, modules and a regional ‘practitioners network’ to help strengthen natural resource management skills and regional institutional capabilities needed to guide and monitor responsible production and sourcing of palm oil, soy and sugar.
  • Consolidate the wider adoption by the palm sector of tools for working with smallholders.
  • Develop capacity for responsible production and sourcing through medium-term supplier engagement programmes.
  • Engage with landscape and jurisdictional initiatives, providing facilitation and technical support for large scale responsible sourcing.

What has the programme achieved?

Recent highlights of the Latin America Responsible Sourcing and Production Programme include:

  • Support to the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock, which concluded with the adoption of the standard
  • Field testing approaches and tools to bring smallholders into responsible supply chains for palm oil.
  • Facilitating public consultation and national interpretations of RSPO standards in Honduras and Guatemala.
  • Training assessors of High Conservation Values, providing the first HCV licensed assessor courses in Latin America.
  • Brokering a partnership between the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 and the Brazil Coalition on Climate Forests and Agriculture. 

Implementation and funding partners

Our major implementation partners include: GTPS, TFA 2020, WWF, Imaflora, FEDEPALMA, RSPO Latin America, RSPO, Solidaridad, WRI, PepsiCo, BMU (German government), GEF/IADB

The programme is funded by Solidaridad (Farmer Support Programme), WWF Brazil, DFID UK, IPAM,  Nestlé, RSPO, WWF, GEF/IADB. 


Our areas of work

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