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Latin America programme

In Latin America Proforest works primarily with internationally traded agricultural commodities. Our knowledge and expertise in this area aims to support more sustainable production, reduce deforestation, and introduce better social and labour standards.

Our Responsible Sourcing and Production Programme provides knowledge, tools and capacity building to encourage more responsible production of cattle, palm oil, soy and sugarcane. We support sustainability initiatives in a number of sectors, and partner with and strengthen multi-stakeholder processes to develop guidelines and indicators for responsible production practices. We provide training on sustainability standards and how to implement them for governments, processors, large and small scale growers, and NGOs.

In collaboration with the SHARP Partnership, our programme work in Latin America supports companies in multiple sectors to work on sustainability issues with the smallholders in their supply chains.

We also help develop and disseminate best practices in land use planning for the protection of environmental and social values, through processes such as the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach.

Our programme work is delivered through our regional office in Brazil, a network of staff in Colombia and Honduras, and partners throughout Central and South America.

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