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Translations of Proforest publications now available

Proforest has recently translated a number of our publications into the five main Proforest languages: English, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish and Portuguese.

The first three briefing notes from our new series are now available in all five languages. These briefings aim to share Proforest’s expertise and cover subjects such as approaches to responsible sourcing and landscape and jurisdictional initiatives.

The Proforest brochure, providing a useful overview of our areas of work, is now available to download in each of the above languages. And our brochures outlining our consultancy services and programmes have also been translated.

In addition to this, the programme briefings for each of our programmes are also now available in their respective languages. These provide a useful summary for each programme’s goals, recent highlights, as well as our approaches and priorities.

Links to each of these publications are provided below.

Email us at if you have feedback or queries about any of our publications. 

Introducing Proforest brochure

Consultancy services brochure

Programme services brochure

Briefing note 1 - Delivering responsible sourcing in practice

Briefing note 2 - Introduction to landscape or jurisdictional initiatives in commodity agriculture

Briefing note 3 - Implementing responsible sourcing using landscape or jurisdictional initiatives

Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives programme briefing

International Capacity Development programme briefing

Africa Practitioners Network programme briefing

Latin America Responsible Sourcing and Production programme briefing

Southeast Asia Responsible Sourcing and Production programme briefing

Smallholder Acceleration through Responsible Sourcing and Production programme briefing

Smallholder Risk Assessment and Mapping Tools programme briefing

Published 22.11.2016