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Supporting Nestlé’s global implementation of Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for sugar

Proforest is now working with Nestlé, the world's largest food and nutrition company, to develop and implement their Responsible Sourcing Guidelines (RSGs) for sugar. The guidelines incorporate environmental and social criteria and complement Nestlé's 'Creating Shared Value' objectives. The first version of the RSGs has now been developed, and Proforest is currently commencing the process of working directly with Nestlé's suppliers to support them in the complementation of the RSGs.

Nestlé has embarked on a wide-ranging programme to develop and implement Responsible Sourcing Guidelines (RSGs) for all of the key commodity crops that the company purchases. The aim of this programme is to ensure that these raw materials are obtained from the most environmentally and socially responsible sources.

The sugar RSGs that have been developed in 2011 define the required social and environmental performance requirements, including on water management, for sugar production. They also include some guidance on their implementation.

In 2012, Proforest will work with Nestlé to begin the process of mapping their global sugar supply chains and to start assessing priority suppliers against the RSGs. Nestlé will support suppliers who are not yet able to meet the RSGs, but have committed to become compliant. The support will include field audits to assess the current level of RSG compliance, and to determine appropriate action plans for implementation.

Proforest director Neil Judd commented “These ambitious guidelines set a benchmark for responsible sugar sourcing; their implementation will ensure that livelihoods for small growers are a central consideration in Nestlé’s sugar supply chains, and that Nestle’s procurement drives social and environmental best practice in sugar production.”

Published 14.03.2012