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RSPO Greenhouse Gas Working Group presents recommendations

The RSPO Greenhouse Gas Working Group (RSPO GHG WG2) which Proforest has been facilitating over the last two years, presented its results and recommendations at the ninth RSPO Roundtable Meeting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in November.

The group, which included participants from each RSPO constituency, was given a mandate to provide recommendations to the Executive Board on how RSPO should address the issue of GHG emissions from palm oil production. The group met regularly and commissioned several independent studies and parallel work streams to inform its discussions.

The agreements reached by the working group are an important step forward for the RSPO, allowing the oil palm sector to make progress in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The results of the work and the recommendations can all be found on the RSPO website.


Published 13.12.2011