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RSPO-endorsed training course to provide valuable practical experience to auditors in Ghana

This August, Proforest will be delivering its RSPO-endorsed Lead Auditor training course in Takoradi, Ghana.

As the number of companies seeking RSPO certification increases, so does the demand for skilled auditors. Proforest’s RSPO Lead Auditor course in Ghana will bring together a wealth of experience, using real case studies and in-depth knowledge of RSPO requirements in Africa to ensure local auditors possess the skills and knowledge needed to audit to the RSPO Principles and Criteria.

The course is designed for auditors who wish to audit to the RSPO producer standard, oil palm company staff responsible for implementing RSPO requirements, as well as other interested stakeholders, such as from governments or NGOs.

Taking place over five days, the course will begin with a series of classroom-based activities including tutorials, exercises and group work, followed by a chance to put the theory into practice during a mock audit of an oil palm plantation. It ends with a further day and a half of classroom activities, including the development of a report from the audit exercise and a qualifying exam.

Unique in its emphasis on practical training-in-the-field, this course will enable trainees to gain essential practical experience supported by a team of qualified staff, as well as providing a valuable opportunity to learn from the group’s collective experiences and expertise.

To find out more about the course, visit our training page.

Register before July 7 for our early-bird fee.

Published 23.06.2017

For more information, and details on how to register, visit the course page.