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Proforest achieves High Carbon Stock Approach accreditation

Four members of the Proforest team from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe were accredited as High Carbon Stock Approach practitioners in April.

The High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach is a methodology that distinguishes forest areas for protection from degraded lands with low carbon and biodiversity values that may be developed. It is a tool to help companies put zero deforestation commitments into practice.

Following attendance at the HCS Approach Practitioner training, our team is now formally endorsed to lead HCS assessments worldwide. Proforest is registered on the HCS Approach Registered Practitioner Organisation List on the HCS website.

Congratulations to our practitioners: Surin Suksuwan, Nana Darko Cobbina, Daniel Arancibia and Mike Senior.

Published 03.05.2016

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