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New briefing note explores how to measure forest biodiversity with the Forest Integrity Assessment

Many sustainability standards require assessments of forest biodiversity, yet these can often be challenging even for large, well-resourced organisations. The Forest Integrity Assessment (FIA) tool offers non-specialists a simple, user-friendly way to evaluate forests' biodiversity.

The latest briefing note in Proforest's Responsible Sourcing and Production briefing series explores the many uses of the FIA tool, which can be used by smallholders, community members and medium-sized land holdings to monitor change in forest biodiversity over time.

The FIA provides a checklist which guides assessors through the process of evaluating biodiversity levels. This is adapted to the different forest types to ensure that indicators are locally relevant. This checklist takes into account:

  • Structure and composition
  • Impacts and threats
  • Focal habitats
  • Focal species.

Each of these categories is measured in relation to the integrity of natural forest types (those which have experienced marginal human disturbance).

For more information, download Practical assessment and monitoring of forest biodiversity.

Published 23.01.2018

Download our briefing on Practical Assessment and monitoring of forest biodiversity