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Launch of Village Facilitators Network in Riau, Indonesia

New Practitioner Network established

The Village Facilitators Network was officially established last week in Riau Province, Indonesia, as part of the work we are doing under our DFID-funded Production Landscapes Programme.

This will be the start of the development of local Practitioner Network (PracNet) in Indonesia.

The network will be used as a platform to:

  • exchange information and support capacity building locally, such as training
  • bridge/connect between practitioners at a sub-national level (Riau Province) and national level, and
  • discuss different issues on sustainability, including High Conservation Value/High Carbon Stock, gender and Free Prior Informed Consent

Riau is the home of our Production Landscapes Programme work in Siak and Pelalawan, where we are working with partner Daemeter and a coalition of 7 companies on a multi-stakeholder landscapes approach in their palm supply chains. To date, more than 170 palm oil companies have made commitments to produce and source palm oil which is deforestation and exploitation free, and not produced on peatlands (NDPE). This type of collaborative action at a landscape level has the potential to help companies meet those commitments at scale.

Published 28.11.2019
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