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guide on biodiversity management for smallholders

Proforest develops FSC guide for biodiversity management in small and low intensity forests.

ProForest and FSC have produced a new guide intended to help managers and owners of small-scale and low intensity forest operations maintain or implement the management of biodiversity and High Conservation Values (HCVs) within their forests. The guide is designed to help them meet FSC certification requirements for biodiversity and HCV conservation through the process of identification, management and monitoring.

The guide will contribute to addressing two main issues. Firstly, it acknowledges FSC certification is proving challenging in the tropics where management is technically difficult and the political and institutional support for responsible management has been historically weak. Secondly, it also recognizes that specific challenges to FSC certification exist for smaller forest enterprises. The guide aims to reduce barriers to FSC certification. Last year ProForest produced a series of FSC-endorsed briefing notes and case studies for smallholders and community forestry operations with a similar goal.

The guide offers step-by-step guidance to help small and low intensity managed forest operations comply with the FSC Principles and Criteria. In particular, the guide addresses the biodiversity requirements of FSC Principle 6 on environmental impact, and FSC Principle 9 on maintenance of High Conservation Value forests (HCVFs). It will also help forest managers carry out good monitoring practices, which are a requirement of FSC Principle 8 on Monitoring.

For more information on the guide and for other FSC publications, visit the FSC website.

Published 09.08.2009