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Find out about the Soy Toolkit at the Edie Sustainability Leaders Forum, London, 4-5 Feb 2020

Proforest’s Director of Programmes, Sophie Higman, will be featured on a panel alongside Emma Keller of WWF UK and Laurence Webb of Tesco, discussing the embedded soy found in the average shopping basket!

She will outline:

  • How much soy is in the chicken, bacon, fish and cat food that can be found in the average shopping basket?
  • Which products have a risky footprint, and how can a company calculate that?
  • Ensuring that the embedded soy in supply chains is not related to negative social and environmental impacts

Sophie is speaking at 3.40pm on Day 1.

The Soy Toolkit also has an exhibition stand for both days of the conference, booth 15, so participants are encouraged to come and say hello to the team and find out more about how the Soy Toolkit can help companies with free resources, training and webinars.

For more on the Soy Toolkit visit 

Published 31.01.2020
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