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Defra report on UK palm oil consumption and sustainable policy options published

Proforest has produced a report for the Department of environment food and rural affairs (Defra) which maps UK palm oil supply chains and reviews policy options for increasing the volume of sustainable palm oil used in the UK.

Palm oil is used widely in food, cosmetics, animal feed, cleaning products and biodiesels. However, palm oil plantations have been linked to the destruction of rainforest, increased greenhouse emissions, loss of biodiversity and infringement of customary land rights. To reduce these negative impacts, the UK Government is considering the introduction of specific policy interventions aimed at increasing the volume of sustainable palm oil consumed within UK supply chains. The research carried out by Proforest supports this goal in two ways. Firstly by mapping and understanding the structure of UK palm oil supply chains and uses of palm oil traded at each stage. Secondly, by gathering industry viewpoints on several potential policy options along with the possible costs and benefits of each.

The research consisted of a desk-based collection and review of publicly available data and information, and of interviews with over 50 companies to establish volumes, routes and commitments to sustainable sourcing. In addition to this a questionnaire and a workshop were used to collect UK stakeholder views on the various policy options available to increase the volume of sustainable palm oil in the various UK supply chains.

The results are presented in two reports:

Click here for the key findings of this study.


Published 06.03.2011