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Supporting RSPO National Interpretations

Certification schemes, like RSPO, use standards to set out what growers need to do to be certified as sustainable. Because they apply globally, they are generic.

Multiple partners | 2013 — ongoing

Countries have different legal requirements, such as minimum wages for workers, protected species legislation, and different social or cultural norms. To make sure the standards are appropriate, a national interpretation is developed. This follows a defined process ensure it is a fair reflection of the economic, social and environmental requirements of the generic standard. 

Proforest is involved in a number of RSPO national interpretation processes. In 2014 we facilitated or supported RSPO national interpretation processes in five countries in Latin America and West Africa (Honduras, Guatemala, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria).

We also supported the process to develop a national interpretation for small producers in Honduras, where the process included various multistakeholder working group meetings and a public consultation period.