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Supporting better governance in the Brazilian Cattle Sector

The cattle sector in Brazil occupies about 20% of the country’s land area, covering more than 170 million hectares. Improving sustainability within cattle production has potential for large-scale positive environmental and social impacts, through areas such as reduced deforestation and better management of water and soil resources, as well as improvements in labour standards and community support programmes.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Farmers Support Programme | 2013 — ongoing

Since 2012, Proforest has been working with partners and stakeholders in Brazil to develop a common vision of sustainability in the cattle value chain. In particular, we have worked closely with the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS) to develop its institutional capacity and define indicators for the whole value chain, from field production to final product.

Through a successful review of GTPS’ role and strategy, we helped the organisation to clarify its role and approach to a number of strategic areas of work including technical assistance, legal compliance, supply chain relationships and traceability.

Proforest has worked closely with the GTPS Secretariat and members to help improve governance and procedures within the organisation. This led to greater transparency, equity and clearer decision-making processes in the GTPS Board.

Brazilian cows small imageIn addition, Proforest supported GTPS in the early stages of design and initial management of the Programme for Sustainable Cattle Ranching in Practice. In 2016 we will continue to facilitate the process to create an Indicators Guidebook for Sustainable Livestock, which will provide guidance for improved practices throughout the cattle value chain.

According to Ruy Fachini, GTPS’ treasurer and producer representative in the indicators working group, “Proforest’s facilitation is critical to ensure the balance of the discussion, to help us achieve consensus and produce a pragmatic guide to continuous improvement”.

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Fernando Sampaio, GTPS President

“Proforest has been a true partner, helping GTPS become a stronger organisation, better equipped to deal with controversial and complex issues with greater transparency and ability to deliver.”