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Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) support

Soy production is expanding rapidly worldwide, for use in food, animal feed and as biofuel. This relentless expansion brings with it environmental and social impacts, and calls for more sustainable management.

RTRS | 2007—2012

Over a four-year period, Proforest provided technical support to the Roundtable for Responsible Soy (RTRS), facilitating a multi-stakeholder process to develop RTRS standards for both responsible soy production at the farm level, and a series of chain of custody standards.

As part of this process we brought together soy growers, processors, investors and NGOs to agree the first Standard for Responsible Soy Production. Following finalisation of the standards, we continued to work in partnership with the RTRS, supporting the growth and development of their certification systems.

During 2010 we managed a technical working group to develop the RTRS certification and accreditation requirements for certification bodies. We also developed a group certification procedure to allow multiple small soy farmers and cooperatives to be certified under a single certificate. We facilitated the work of the RTRS Chain of Custody Protocol Working Group, leading to the development of standards for chain of custody and associated procedures for certification bodies.

In 2011 we ran the first four training courses for Lead Auditors carrying out chain of custody audits. In 2012 we ran one more chain of custody Lead Auditor training course in Argentina and a Lead Auditor course on the RTRS production standard in Brazil.

In November 2012 we facilitated the national stakeholder meeting held in Brazil to provide input into the development of RTRS broad scale maps and HCV guidance for soy expansion.

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