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Fostering collaboration between forestry initiatives

In many countries in Africa, multiple initiatives related to the sustainable management of forests and agricultural commodities are underway at the same time. The Africa Practitioners Network is seeking synergies and ways to integrate these initiatives.

DFID | 2012 — ongoing

In the case of Cameroon, these initiatives include Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+); Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT); and public–private initiatives that aim to reduce deforestation associated with oil palm expansion. FSC certification also continues to evolve in the country.

While the objectives and activities of these initiatives clearly overlap and even duplicate, even more importantly, the same people are often involved from government, NGOs and companies. Integrating the planning and implementation processes for these initiatives would reduce duplication and expedite progress.

The Africa Practitioners Network – a partnership of organisations, led by Proforest and working in Central and West Africa – aims to improve the integration between these initiatives in Cameroon. By identifying and working with the right partners involved in REDD+ and FLEGT initiatives, the APN is developing a process to help key stakeholders and practitioners understand the interactions between them. 

Identifying synergies

FLEGT REDD+ CameroonIn collaboration with IUCN-PACO, in October 2015 the APN jointly facilitated the first meeting between the Ministry for Forests & Wildlife (MINFOF) which is responsible for FLEGT, and the Ministry for Environment and Nature Protection (MINEPDED) which implements REDD+. The meeting participants reached consensus on priority areas where synergies should be realised, including benefit sharing, law enforcement, governance and policy reforms, capacity building, safeguards, communication and consultation. As well as the principal Ministry representatives, key civil society organisations also participated. 

The APN will build on this experience – and that of Ghana’s – to strengthen collaboration between the two initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia, with a view to establishing a regional cross-learning platform involving all four countries

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