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Supporting implementation of Nestlé’s Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and nutrition company, has embarked on a wide-ranging programme to ensure that their key commodity crops are purchased from environmentally and socially responsible sources. Proforest is supporting the development and implementation of this programme for sugar and soy.

Nestlé | 2011 — ongoing

In 2011 Proforest began work on the definition of Nestlé’s Responsible Sourcing Guidelines (RSGs) for sugar, which set out the minimum social and environmental performance requirements for both sugarcane and sugar beet production. Subsequently, Proforest has begun the process of mapping Nestlé’s global sugar supply chain and started assessing priority suppliers against the RSGs. On behalf of Nestlé, Proforest is engaging with suppliers to understand current level of compliance with the RSGs, through field audits and other methods, and is developing action plans to ensure that suppliers can work towards meeting the RSGs.

As of 2012, Proforest has also started work on the implementation of RSGs for soy and the mapping of Nestlé’s global soy supply chains.