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Implementing responsible practices

  • Helping smallholders and mills recognise high conservation values

    Shell | 2014

    In Krabi, Trang and Suratthani provinces of southern Thailand, thousands of smallholders supply palm oil to Shell via Patum Veg, which itself sources from nine mills owned by six companies. As part of…

  • Supporting implementation of Nestlé’s Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

    Nestlé | 2011—ongoing

    In 2011 Proforest began work on the definition of Nestlé’s Responsible Sourcing Guidelines (RSGs) for sugar, which set out the minimum social and environmental performance requirements for both sugarc…

  • Implementing Unilever's Palm Oil Assurance Programme

    Unilever | 2013—ongoing

    The programme of work is focusing on supply chain mapping and traceability assessments, as well as risk assessments, including spatial analysis and mapping, and sustainability compliance assessments. …

  • Supporting implementation of Olam's Supplier Code

    Olam | 2012—ongoing

    The Code relates to the responsible sourcing of commodities as diverse as palm oil, hazlenuts, coffee and cereals. Initial implementation support is focusing on palm oil and rubber.

  • HCV assessment for Olam International

    Olam Palm Gabon | 2010—2011

    Proforest carried out an assessment of 3 concessions totalling 52,000 ha in Gabon for Olam Palm, with the technical support of local experts from Terea. On the basis of our pre-assessment one of the 3…

  • Supporting Tetra Pak's wood fibre sourcing

    Tetra Pak | 2004—ongoing

    Since 2004, Proforest has provided a range of services to Tetra Pak. These include a review of Tetra Pak’s sourcing policy for wood fibres, benchmarking studies between different certification schemes…

  • Supporting AAK's Sustainable Palm Oil policy

    AAK | 2014—ongoing

    Proforest are providing support to AAK in the development and implementation of sustainable palm oil policy commitments. Implementation involves three main elements: validation of traceability, risk a…

  • Helping retailers and importers meet the EU Timber Regulation

    multiple clients | 2012—ongoing

    This EU-wide regulation sets out procedures that companies importing and trading timber or wood products within the EU must put into place to minimise the risk of illegal timber being sold. The le…

  • Supporting Royal Horticultural Society's Timber Products Policy

    Royal Horticultural Society Enterprises | 2002—ongoing

    Since 2002, Proforest has been carrying out pre-show reviews of documentary evidence of compliance with the policy provided by potential exhibitors. Subsequently, we also carry out exhibitor audits at…

  • Implementation of General Mills' Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing Policy

    General Mills | 2013—ongoing

    We are partnering with General Mills to trace the company’s palm oil supply chain, identify sustainability risks, and ensure responsible sourcing. Proforest have conducted traceability mapping of the …

  • UK Government's Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET)

    UK Government (Defra) | 2004—2012

    From 2004 until 2012, Proforest ran the UK Government's Central Point of Expertise for Timber Procurement (CPET), offering direct, practical support and training to public sector buyers and their supp…

  • Responsible timber sourcing with John Lewis Partnership

    John Lewis Partnership | 2002—2012

    Proforest worked with John Lewis Partnership to develop and implement its sourcing policy and programme for timber products. Over many years we provided regular support to the purchasing department, w…