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Developing capacity

  • Supporting sustainable palm oil production


    Our aim is to enable companies, governments and civil society to work together to improve standards of palm oil production and meet the expectations of global markets. Actors from all sides need to un…

  • Learning by doing

    DFID | 2014—ongoing

    Governments, companies and NGOs all need local experts with specialist skills to help them meet international standards for responsible production. Through our Africa Regional Office, Proforest and th…

  • Responsible sourcing for sustainable livelihoods

    Norad, DFID | 2013—ongoing

    Smallholders supply a large proportion of many agricultural commodities and many rely on these global markets for their livelihoods. As companies strive to source palm oil, soy, sugar and other commod…

  • Capacity building on forest certification in Africa

    Multiple clients and partners | 2002—ongoing

    Sustainable management of these forests is vital and Proforest has been providing training to forest managers, government officials and NGOs on African forest management certification for many years. …

  • The RSPO Africa Roadshow

    With various partners | 2012—2013

    The RSPO Africa Roadshow aimed to significantly increase the level of understanding of the requirements of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) among key stakeholders, including government in…