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Since 2007 Proforest has provided consultancy services to producers, mills, traders and buyers of sugar, to help clients understand and reduce the environmental and social impacts in their supply chains.

We have also provided technical support to certification schemes such as Bonsucro – which operate initiatives dedicated to the reduction of the environmental and social impacts of sugar cane production – to develop their systems and standards.

Where do we work?

Of the 120 countries producing sugar cane worldwide, Brazil has the largest planted area, followed by India. Since 2007, we have worked across a wide range of sugar producing countries, including Brazil, Mexico, India and Thailand. These countries have very different supply chain profiles and production challenges, which need different approaches to sustainability. We also have experience in different sourcing environments, such as the European Union and the United States, where trade agreements and quota systems present additional supply chain complexities and traceability challenges.

How can we help you?

We can work with you across your entire supply chain. We can help you to map your supply chain and analyse the risks and priorities for change, as well as supporting the producers to understand and implement environmental and social requirements.

In particular we can help you to:

  • develop responsible sourcing guidelines and your strategy and requirements for sourcing sugar. These may incorporate or link to wider sector approaches to sustainability, like Bonsucro and the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) certification. We can help you develop strategies and guidelines that apply to your specific cane or beet supply chain. We’ll also help you deal with the different sustainability issues faced when working with different types of supply bases, such as large plantations or smallholder producers.
  • map your supply chain and verify production sites. We can help you to trace your supply chain to the production level, ensuring transparency and identifying risks and challenges. We use a combination of desk-based analysis and site evaluations to get a clear picture of the risk profile across your sugar supply chains.
  • implement change. We can work with you and your suppliers to develop programmes of technical support and training activities. This will support the implementation of social and environmental practices that meet your responsible sourcing strategy or guidelines, or meet certification scheme requirements.  
  • engage suppliers. Your suppliers need to understand your environmental and social requirements, and how to implement them. Through training, on-going engagement with your teams and suppliers, and communicating important guidance effectively, we can help ensure that appropriate production and traceability standards are put in place.
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