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Consultancy services

Proforest specialises in helping companies to understand what they need to do in order to meet their responsible production and sourcing commitments.

The market is growing for agricultural and forest commodities that have been produced responsibly. Many companies involved in production, sourcing and trade have made commitments to eliminate raw materials that are not sustainably produced from their supply chains.

What do we do?

We work at every stage of your supply chain, from the management of agricultural crops or forests, through to manufacturing, processing and retail. We can also help you to develop your internal policies and guidelines, and to understand how to invest responsibly in natural resources.

We provide consultancy services in three main areas:

  • responsible production and sourcing, supporting growers and producers to meet sustainability standards on the ground, and helping companies ensure that products in their supply chain have been responsibly produced
  • responsible investment, helping financial institutions and companies meet international and private standards of responsibility
  • responsible land use and conservation, assisting land managers to identify, manage and monitor environmental, conservation and social impacts.

What commodities do we work with?

Different requirements apply to different commodities and our team has experience working with a wide range, including:

Where do we work?

We work with clients on projects in more than 40 countries. Through our regional offices in Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Malaysia and the UK, our local, professional teams will respond to enquiries in Latin America, Africa, SE Asia and Europe. If necessary, we can bring experts from our other offices to meet your specific needs.