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Proforest works with people across the supply chain, from producers and mills to buyers and traders, to develop and implement responsible sourcing policies and guidelines. We provide continuing support to the Bonsucro certification scheme to strengthen their systems and standards.

We do this by:

Implementing responsible production and sourcing

We work across the sugar supply chain in a range of sugar-producing countries. We help companies to

  • develop responsible sourcing guidelines and map their sugar supply chains to the production level. We helped prepare guidelines for Nestlé’s purchasing of cane and beet sugar and developed a standard and auditing protocols for Greenergy, the UK’s largest biofuel supplier, which were approved under the EU Renewable Energy Directive.
  • work with their suppliers to implement responsible production practices.

Developing capacity

We have provided training and capacity building for Bonsucro, mills and producers by:

  • providing training and support to mills and producers to help them meet clients’ responsible sourcing guidelines.
  • helping Bonsucro to develop and deliver training courses for auditors and lead auditors in Brazil, Colombia and India, and producers in Bolivia.
  • supporting companies’ market teams to understand the principles of responsible sourcing and production.

Supporting multistakeholder initiatives

We bring together private, public and civil society organisations to create outcomes that enable the responsible production and sourcing of sugar. These include:

  • providing on-going technical support to sustainability initiatives, such as our review of Bonsucro’s standards and systems.