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Proforest works closely with people throughout the soy supply chain to help them put in place responsible practices for the production and sourcing of soy. We help organisations to develop standards and guidelines for responsible soy production and chain of custody and provide training for their implementation.

We do this by:

Implementing responsible production and sourcing

We work throughout the soy supply chain, from producers in countries including Argentina, Brazil and the USA, to global traders and manufacturers.

  • We support clients to develop their own strategies, policies, guidelines and commitments for responsible soy production and sourcing.
  • We help clients to trace their soy supplies back to the crushing plants and the farm base beyond.
  • We engage with producers to help them apply appropriate environmental and social standards of production and traceability.

Developing capacity

We support capacity development in the soy sector by providing:

  • guidance, training and on-going engagement with company teams and suppliers to help them implement responsible sourcing and production.
  • training for companies and auditors on the Roundtable on Sustainable Soy (RTRS) Chain of Custody requirements.
  • training courses for producers and processors on how to identify and manage High Conservation Values (HCV) when planning and managing soy cultivation and soybean sourcing. 

Supporting multistakeholder initiatives

We help civil society organisations, government and the private sector to come together and create outcomes that enable the responsible production and sourcing of soy. For example we:

  • facilitate multistakeholder processes, such as the one to develop RTRS standards for responsible soy production and a series of chain of custody standards.
  • provide technical support, including an analysis of RTRS policies and procedures to identify gaps between the scheme’s documentation and the requirements of other initiatives.