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HCV approach

Proforest helps people from a wide range of organisations to understand and implement the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach. Our partners and clients include forest and agricultural commodity companies, governments and regulatory bodies, as well as NGOs and civil society initiatives.

We do this by:

Implementing responsible production and sourcing

We work with companies, largely in the palm oil and forest sectors, to identify, manage and monitor HCVs. This includes:

  • carrying out assessments to identify HCVs in proposed and existing agricultural or forestry developments in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.
  • auditing companies’ wood and pulp supply chains to make sure that HCVs in their forests of origin are well managed and monitored.
  • developing and field testing guidelines for smallholders to implement the HCV approach.

Developing capacity

We help to develop capacity among a range of stakeholders in the HCV approach. Our work includes:

  • developing guides and toolkits like the HCV Forest Toolkit, which has been widely adopted by companies, auditors and stakeholders.
  • providing HCV training to government officials and other stakeholders.
  • delivering training courses on HCVs for palm oil producers and RSPO auditors through our RSPO-endorsed training courses.

Supporting multistakeholder initiatives

We support a number of multistakeholder initiatives related to HCV. For example we:

  • facilitate working groups to develop national HCV interpretations in many countries including Brazil, Gabon, Ghana and Liberia.
  • work with the HCV Resource Network to develop the manuals and guidelines.
  • provide advice to sustainability initiatives, such as RSPO and FSC, on technical aspects of HCV.

Proforest is a member of the HCV Resource Network.