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Forest products

Proforest works with a wide range of government, private and civil society partners on many aspects of forest management and forest product supply chains.

We do this by:

Implementing responsible production and sourcing

We work with forest managers, forest product suppliers and their buyers, as well as governments, to improve forest management worldwide. For example, we:

  • help companies implement their guidelines for sourcing wood and wood products from responsibly managed forests.
  • carry out supply chain mapping, risk assessments and verification, to enable buyers to monitor and demonstrate progress against their responsible sourcing commitments.  
  • advise importers on legal requirements, such as the EU Timber Regulation.
  • review banks’ investment policies against international best practice, and help them implement their policies for socially and environmentally responsible investment.

Developing capacity

We provide training and capacity development to private and public organisations in the forestry sector by:

Supporting multistakeholder initiatives

We have supported a wide range of initiatives to promote sustainable forest management and responsible sourcing of forest products over the past 15 years. This includes:

  • providing technical advice to international organisations such as the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, to help them develop their policies for zero net deforestation in tropical forest countries by 2020.
  • assessing government schemes, such as the Ghana Legality Assurance Scheme, to ensure they meet the requirements of the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Legality and Trade (EU FLEGT) Action Plan.