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Areas of work

Palm oil
Proforest works with palm oil producers, processors, buyers and investors to help them produce and source palm oil responsibly. We provide training and capacity building to build a more sustainable palm oil sector.
Proforest works closely with people throughout the soy supply chain to help them put in place responsible practices for the production and sourcing of soy. We help organisations to develop standards and guidelines for responsible soy production and chain of custody and provide training for their implementation.
Proforest works with people across the supply chain, from producers and mills to buyers and traders, to develop and implement responsible sourcing policies and guidelines. We provide continuing support to the Bonsucro certification scheme to strengthen their systems and standards.
Proforest works with partners and stakeholders in the Brazilian cattle sector to increase sustainability in the sector. With an initial focus on the cattle value chain, we work with multistakeholder initiatives and private sector partners to develop capacity, policy and standards for responsible production.
Forest products
Proforest works with a wide range of government, private and civil society partners on many aspects of forest management and forest product supply chains.
HCV approach
Proforest helps people from a wide range of organisations to understand and implement the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach. Our partners and clients include forest and agricultural commodity companies, governments and regulatory bodies, as well as NGOs and civil society initiatives.
Natural rubber, manufactured from latex secreted by the bark of the Pará rubber tree, makes up 30% of rubber used in vehicle tyres globally, as well as a range of other natural latex products. Global production of natural rubber is expanding fast, from 4.4 million tons in 1983 to over 13 million tons in 2015.