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Testimonials - Graduate Trainee Programme

Our Graduate Trainee Programme develops leaders to ensure our continued success as well as the success of our partners and clients. It gives our trainees a thorough induction into various topics that are essential in the fields of Sustainable Sourcing and Responsible Production such as policy and strategy development, field audits and assessments, community and stakeholder engagement, and many more. What makes our Programme so special is the fact that our trainees are taking on substantial responsibilities under supervision of sector experts in an international setting, enabling them to tackle challenges at a global scale, rapidly build up an international network, and prepare them in the best possible way for cooperation with our overseas colleagues, partners and clients.

Former assistant programme managers share their insight and thoughts on the graduate trainee programme, and what it's like to work for Proforest:


“If you are interested in addressing the environmental and social sustainability issues concerning the responsible sourcing and production of agricultural and forest commodities, then Proforest is the right place for you. Proforest is an exciting learning journey where you have the opportunity to provide support on a wide variety of projects and to acquire and further develop new skills. The key workstreams I have been involved in ranged from developing a grievance mechanism for companies, to identifying the environmental and social risks linked to agricultural commodity supply chains. Compared to my previous work experiences, Proforest offers several training and development opportunities for all its staff. The responsibility I was given from the outset and the chance of working side by side with leading experts, enabled me to better understand how to manage a project and to overcome any potential challenges encountered. Last but not least, the outstanding working environment allows you to grow not only professionally but also personally which makes me happy to be part of the Proforest family”

Michael Ceruti

“Joining Proforest as an assistant project manager 10 months ago has been an outstandingly positive decision. During this time I have been exposed to a wide array of tasks and work streams connected to the responsible sourcing of mainly palm oil, and to a lesser extend other agricultural commodities. Working with clients, but also scoping out and thinking of the more strategic overview of the commodities’ production, provides a fantastic opportunity to understand better how is the whole industry working.  Furthermore, identifying  what are the main issues that have to be tackled in the supply chains provides credentials for moving towards responsible sourcing. At times challenging but also highly motivating the programme allows you to learn and develop skills and knowledge on multiple levels. Working closely with the highly skilled and experienced senior staff, as well as all the amazing colleagues at Proforest across the globe, is also very delightful and one of the highlights of this graduate programme.”

Yana Doncheva