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Engagement strategy

The Proforest Initiative’s overarching goal is sustainable natural resource management, which it works towards using a defined engagement strategy.

The charity aims to work toward this goal using a number of approaches, including, but not limited to:

  • Supporting different stakeholders worldwide to implement the requirements of sustainable natural resource standards and systems
  • Supporting sustainability initiatives to better deliver their goals
  • Contributing to good agricultural, forest, and land management via engagement with international, national and regional policy debates and development
  • Participation in and promotion of pragmatic, solutions-based science and research
  • Training, support and capacity building, including the production of educational materials.

We recognise that to most effectively deliver our goal, it is necessary to work in all spheres of natural resource management: engaging with inter-governmental processes, national and local institutional structures, the private sector throughout the supply chain for natural resource-derived products, technical  NGOs, campaigning NGOs, think tanks and investors. We believe we have a key role to play in helping to bring together these different actors, to engage constructively in identifying problems, and designing and most importantly implementing solutions to the challenges of sustainable natural resource management with a growing global population.

The Proforest Initiative may not always share the views or approaches of some of the actors with whom it interacts. However, we believe that it is only by engaging with actors with different views and working with them to help them understand and address issues that we can achieve our overall goal.