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Our mission and values

Proforest's mission is to support and guide the sustainable production and use of natural resources.

We carry out our mission by helping people achieve:

  • a balance between economic, environmental and social objectives underpinned by good governance
  • meaningful involvement from all stakeholders including governments, communities, NGOs and companies
  • implementation of sustainable management in practice
  • global and local supply chains that source from sustainable production.

In order to implement our mission effectively, we will be guided by the following aims and values:

Delivering the mission

The projects and programmes which Proforest undertakes should contribute to the delivery of the mission.

Quality of work

Proforest aims to deliver effective and consistently high quality outputs by:

  • recruiting and employing competent and experienced people who are genuinely committed to our mission.
  • developing long-term relationships with partners who share our aims and values.
  • only undertaking work which we have the capacity, resources and expertise to carry out to a high standard.
  • implementing internal systems which deliver best management practices and continual improvement in performance.

Financial stability

Proforest is not profit-driven but aims to generate sufficient income to cover costs. Any profits will be used as additional income to deliver the mission.

Environment responsibility

Proforest aims to be an environmentally responsible organisation through implementation and regular review of its environmental policy.

Social responsibility

Proforest aims to be an ethical and socially responsible organisation through implementation and regular review of its ethical policy.

Gender Equality

Our commitment to implementing effective, evidence-based strategies in gender equality and equity in both the internal and external operations of Proforest is set in our gender policy. This policy is meant to ensure that our values and commitment are upheld and implemented within the delivery of our mission, and that our work promotes equal and equitable opportunities and benefits for both women and men.

Working environment

Proforest aims to provide a stimulating and supportive working environment for its employees including:

  • Supporting a healthy work-life balance
  • Supporting continued professional development in line with Proforest’s mission
  • Implementing a strong health and safety policy
  • Valuing diversity and actively avoiding discrimination
  • Ensuring equal treatment for part-time workers
  • Maintaining effective and open communication within the organisation.


If you feel that we have not operated according to our policies, mission and values in any instances, please let us know by filling out our complaints and concerns form so that we can make sure we improve. We will acknowledge receipt of your submission within 3 working days.