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Our expertise

Proforest supports people at all levels of governance, production, supply chain management and investment to produce and source agricultural commodities and forest products responsibly.

We work in three ways:

  1. We help people to implement responsible production and sourcing practices.
  2. We develop capacity among governments, producers, processors, buyers, auditors and civil society to manage natural resources more sustainably.
  3. We support multistakeholder initiatives, bringing together diverse organisations and facilitating processes to bring about positive outcomes for responsible and sustainable business.

Our expertise in these areas is comprehensive. We operate

  • in many sectors, especially palm oil, soy, sugar, forest products, and cattle; and also with cotton, rubber, coffee and many other commodities
  • throughout the supply chain, from production to retail
  • across the spectrum from policy to practice
  • with many partners in the public and private sectors, as well as civil society
  • in more than 40 countries, through our regional offices.

Why work with us?

Our programmes and services are based on the in-depth, practical knowledge and understanding of our team; our people are experts in their fields and all have hands-on experience in their areas. Our experience in implementing responsible production and sourcing complements our work on capacity building and supporting the development of policy and standards. Together this allows us to provide our partners and clients with comprehensive, up-to-date and practical support.

Can we help you?