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Implementing responsible practices

Proforest works across a range of agricultural commodities and natural resources to help people at all levels of the supply chain to implement responsible production and sourcing practices.

Globally, there is a growing awareness of the need for environmentally, socially and economically responsible management of natural resources. Consumers, governments, companies and civil society are all driving this process. In 2012, certified production across all commodity sectors grew by an average of 41 per cent*.

What do we do?

We work with partners and clients from the public and private sectors, as well as civil society on a wide range of projects and programmes. For example, we:

  • work with private companies to support their practical implementation of sustainability policies and standards on the ground in oil palm plantations, sugar cane estates, soy fields and forests.
  • help buyers, processors and manufacturers trace their supply chains, identify their suppliers, and assess the risks and need for improvement in suppliers’ practices.
  • support smallholders, their associations and their buyers to understand and implement complex sustainability requirements. The SHARP Programme for which we provide the secretariat, is focused specifically on this issue, while our Africa and Latin America Palm Oil Programmes have significant components to support smallholders.
  • carry out field assessments of High Conservation Values (HCV) and help land managers plan for the management and monitoring of HCVs in their operations.

Who do we work with?

We work throughout the supply chain with farmers, plantation and forest managers, processors and traders, as well as consumer goods companies, investors and retailers. We have worked directly with a wide variety of companies, from smallholder cooperatives through to multinationals, including Nestlé, Olam, Tetra Pak, Carrefour and Shell.


* Source: The State of Sustainability Initiatives Review 2014 by J Potts, M Lynch, A Wilkings, G Huppé, M Cunningham, V Voora  

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