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Developing capacity

Proforest shares its knowledge through a wide range of effective and highly regarded training courses. We work with many organisations in partnerships that build long-term, local capacity to implement responsible production and management of natural resources.

Through our training and capacity building we share this knowledge with professionals from government, the private sector and civil society. We provide the skills people need to implement responsible natural resource management in practice; to understand and improve the sustainability of their supply chains; and to develop and audit against practical and effective sustainability policies and standards.

What do we do?

Our capacity development takes a variety of forms, including public training courses, customised training events, mentoring and organisational support. For example:

  • We provide public training courses through our International Training Programme. These include our regular Annual Training Programme, and courses on implementation and auditing of RSPO standards; understanding and assessing High Conservation Values (HCVs); and implementation of sustainability standards in production and supply chains.
  • We develop and present bespoke training courses and capacity building for companies and other organisations. These cover aspects such as sustainable natural resource management, responsible sourcing, implementing RSPO requirements, the HCV approach, and meeting the EU Timber Regulation.
  • The Africa Practitioners’ Network (APN) provides opportunities for qualified and trainee auditors to take part in real, mentored FSC and RSPO audits and HCV assessments.
  • We hold a wide range of awareness raising and capacity building events. The RSPO Roadshow ran in 2012 and 2013 in six countries in Africa, while in Latin America we have run events such as the Technical Week on Sustainable Palm in Belém, Brazil. 

Who do we work with?

We work in partnership with many local organisations and training providers to develop and deliver training courses and capacity-building work suitable for local conditions. We work closely with certification schemes and sustainability initiatives to develop courses for auditors and practitioners that meet their needs.

Proforest delivers the RSPO Roadshow in collaboration with an alliance of partners that includes RSPO, Conservation International, Solidaridad, WWF, the HCV Resource Network, ZSL and GIZ.